Saturday, December 27, 2008

ALICE and AIML videos on Youtube

There are some fun ALICE and AIML demo videos popping up on Youtube. This first one is an example of using voice recognition and speech synthesis to create an "interview." Be prepared to wait for some funny animation at the beginning of the video, before the interview starts. Parts of the interview are quite funny and highlight the difficulty of achieving high quality speech recognition.

The next video is another example of speech and voice also combined with a high quality avatar. Listening carefully to the bot's responses, you can hear a few custom responses, and a lot of replies straight out of the original free ALICE bot.

Several projects are underway to embed AIML bots in Second Life. This video shows an example. The bot object uses Linden Scripting Language to communicate with a Pandorabot.

The most popular Pandorabot continues to be the Flash iGod bot.
Several videos have appeared that incorporate chats with iGod. iGod does not represent any particular religion, but the script is based on the version of ALICE that claimed to be a "Protestant Christian".

And as a demonstration that a bot can be trained to follow any religion, watch this video of MuslimBot. Like the God bot, MuslimBot is hosted on Pandorabots.


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