Friday, April 30, 2010

AIML Superbot 2.1

We have released an upgrade to the AIML Superbot, a development kit that makes it easy for you to create a chat bot with its own unique and proprietary personality distinct from the ALICE bot.

The AIML Superbot uses the top 10,000 most activated patterns from the ALICE brain to create a blank template for a bot. By filling in the responses one by one, you can build up a unique personality of your own design.

If you do not want to write your own responses, the AIML Superbot also includes the original responses from the free ALICE bot. You can also mix and match and create a bot that blends your responses with ALICE's.

The Superbot 2.1 includes several refinements:

  • Improved documentation
  • Simplified basic personality profile patterns (AGE, NAME, GENDER...)
  • Sample starter bot
  • Pattern activation rank and frequency data
  • Created using the latest version of ALICE Showcase Edition
Purchase the Superbot development kit today for $999. For more info see

Discounts available for youth, seniors, students, disabled, non-profits and hobbyists.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Chatbots 3.0 Presentations

The Chatbots 3.0 conference in Philadelphia was a huge success. We had about 25 attendees and 11 high quality presentations. A number of people who were unable to attend have made requests to see the presentations. We have asked the speakers to submit links to their talks so that you can view them.

Below are links to the presentations.
The event was video taped and eventually this will be online too.

See you at Chatbots 3.1!
  1. Robert Lockhart, Wolfram|Alpha, Integrating Semantics and Empirical Language Data.
  2. Ilya Gelfenbeyn, Nanosemantics, User-generated Chatbots (video)
  3. Vladimir Veselov, PrincetonAI, Eugene Goostman the Bot
  4. Richard Wallace, Pandorabots, Pandorabots Overview (Windows) (Mac) (PowerPoint) (PDF)
  5. Rollo Carpernter, ICogno and Existor, Learning, Creating, Phrasing
  6. Robert Medeksza, Zabaware, Ultra Hal AI technology, character animation and bots in Second Life.
  7. Erwin van Lun,, Chat bot Industry Overview
  8. Adeena Mignogna, Riot Software, Before you quit your day job…
  9. Francis Taney, Buchanan Ingersoll, Legal and I.P. Issues for Botmasters
  10. Mark Chavez, NTU Singapore, Chat-able Characters in Cinematics and Narratives
  11. John Zakos, MyCyberTwin, How Chatbots Outperform Humans in Enterprise Applications
Photos: Mark Chavez


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