Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Alicebot and Pandorabots Forums

The ALICE A.I. Foundation and Pandorabots have both launched new forums for the AIML community.
Need help with AIML free software or Pandorabots bot hosting service? Consult the active communities participating in the new Alicbot and Pandorabots forums!

Alicebot Forum

The Alicebot forum replaces the old ALICE and AIML mailing lists. In their place we launched a new forum using phpBB at

There are forum categories for Alicebot General discussion, AIML
Developers, AIML Style and ALICE AI Ethics, replacing all the
similarly themed mailing lists. There is also a new forum category
called Free AIML Sets to discuss corrections and contributions to the
body of open source AIML.

Significantly the new forum called “AIML The Language” replaces the
old AIML Architecture Committee and is now open to all contributors.

The archives of the mailing lists will remain online and searchable.
The link to the new archive site will be posted on the forum when it
is ready.

Pandorabots Forum

The Pandorabots mailing lists have been replaced with a new service:

The Pandorabots support team asks for your help!  Pandorabots invites your feedback on the new service (hosted on for providing community support. Access the service by clicking the link: You will be automatically redirected to the new service (so that we can switch the service later if necessary).

So, how can you help? Put questions into the service - as many as possible. Send feedback to on any aspect of the service, positive or negative.

Thanks for your continuing participation.

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