Friday, May 27, 2011

New Release of ALICE AIML on Google Code

We have released an updated version of the free ALICE AIML set and made it available on Google Code.
The release is called AIML-en-us-foundation-ALICE (a free AIML set, in the English Language as spoken in the United States, authored by the AI Foundation, and the bot name is ALICE).  The AIML contains some significant changes and improvements:

- The AIML Safe Reductions have been included and released as open source free software.  This is a generic set of reductions that are useful for any English language bot.  

- The GAC-80K data collected by the late Chris McKinstry, translated into AIML, is now included.  The AIML consist of about 54,000 questions and statements with truth values varying from Yes ("Is violet a color"?) to No ("Are fish mammals?") with all sorts of gradations of Maybe in between ("Is the sky blue?  Sometimes.")

- Numerous duplicate categories have been removed (though some remain) or merged.   The AIML being available on Google Code makes it much easier for anyone in the community to clone and make modifications and correct errors themselves.  These can then be submitted back for inclusion in the main branch of ALICE AIML.  We are working on some documentation for this process.

This release deprecates the ALICE AAA Set and the test project to host free AIML on  AIML-en-us-foundation is compatible with any AIML 1.0.1 compliant interpreter, and runs on Pandorabots

Monday, May 02, 2011

Chatbots 3.1 Conference Report

The Chatbots 3.1 conference held in Philadelphia on April 23 was a huge success.  We had 20 attendees and 10 extremely high quality presentations.  The presentations covered commercial applications of chatbots, new algorithms and research topics, automated detection of chat bots, legal and IP issues for botmasters, and the future of AI and society.

Although the attendance was relatively small this year (perhaps due to higher airfares) the size of the conference lends itself to personal contact between major players in the chatbot field, as well as the opportunity to ask direct questions.  We are especially grateful to Frank Taney, our host, since he provided legal advice that we cannot easily access.  He gave us some great information about what approaches we may or may not be able to consider in developing bots. 

We will be adding links to this list of presentations as they become available:
The entire conference was video taped and we will be posting videos of the talks to Youtube once the final editing is completed.  In addition an independent filmmaker Miranda Yousef hired a local Philadelphia cinematographer to film the conference and interview attendees.   She is a making a film about chatbots and the Loebner prize. Look for more information about this exciting upcoming film project.

The conference was reported in the Philadelphia Business Journal.


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