Friday, June 29, 2012

Answer Devices promotes Mobile Assistants

Answer Devices is a new site devoted to promoting and discussing mobile virtual agent technology.  In our efforts to promote our own apps CallMom and English Tutor, we've noticed that there hasn't been a centralized community forum to discuss virtual assistant apps like Siri, S-Voice,  Jeannie, Skyvi, Speaktoit, CallMom and others.

One topic on the Answer Devices site is, "What the heck do we call these things?".   Not quite the same as chatbots, there isn't yet any consensus on what this class of apps should be called.  One interesting proposal is "CUI"--conversational user interface.  The term "CUI" (pronounced "cooey")  captures the idea that voice-activated, talking interfaces are an entirely new modality of human-computer communication.

Also on the Answer Devices site, you can learn about the new Pannous web service for mobile apps.  We use Pannous in CallMom.  Anyone developing a mobile virtual assistant app might be interested in this service, because it simplifies the process of retrieving information from third-party web services.

We look forward to following and participating in the Answer Devices fourm.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Pandorabots English Tutor

Pandorabots CallMom English Tutor is the first of our specialized CallMom apps deployed for specific applications. As part of the CallMom family of Mobile Virtual Assistants, English Tutor has all the capabilities of CallMom. You can send a text, make a call, search the web, get answers to questions, launch applications and access many other device functions--all through voice-activated natural language dialog. What's more, you can use English Tutor to practise English conversation!

English Tutor is an online language robot created to help English learners practice speaking English. Learning a language requires a lot of practice, but for many English learners it is very difficult to find native speakers to practice their English. English Tutor, a tireless robot, can play that role. He acts as a native speaker to talk with you. When you speak, the bot will understand and give you a human-like response. You can hear the response and see the text on the screen. It.s an excellent way to practice your English.

English Tutor is an award-winning robot. He won one first place and one fourth place in Loebner Prize 2011 Artificial Intelligence Contest. After years of development, Tutor Mike has become an experienced tutor. His native-like responses to learners are not only correct and appropriate, but also very interesting. If you speak with a foreign accent and the bot fails to recognize your voice, you can choose to type in your questions and responses. If you make spelling or grammatical mistakes, very often the robot can correct you. Tutor Mike can correct over 2,000 errors commonly made by English learners. The robot has been trained to answer all kinds of questions, including general knowledge questions, such as .which mountain is the highest?. .What animal is the heaviest?. He knows almost all the grammatical terms used in grammar textbooks, irregular verbs, letter doubling rules; if you want to know how to learn English, Mike will give you advice; the robot knows what happened today in history, famous people, all the major cities in the world, population, capitals of any countries; who won what Nobel Prize in which year; which team won the World Cup in what year. If you tell the robot your name, age, or birthday, etc., he will remember them when you ask him later. The robot Tutor Mike is really a good human-like tutor. Why don.t you give him a try?


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