Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chatbots 3.3 Conference March 23

The sponsors of the Chatbots 3.x conference series are pleased to announce the 4th annual conference on chatbot and virtual assistant technology.  The Chatbots 3.3 conference will be held on March 23, 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.  This years conference will emphasize all the latest developments in mobile apps and virtual assistant technology.  We’ve already attracted an impressive lineup of speakers, including three former Loebner Prize winners.

Latest updated Speaker roster:

  • Kevin Copple (Loebner Prize Winner 2002), Tianjin Ring-Top Petroleum Manufacturing Co., Ltd., The Role of Chabots and their Authors in the coming Singularity
  • Brad Danenberg, Seed Philly, Venture Capital Opportunities for Chatbot Technology
  • Bill DeSmedt, Alliance Global Services, TBD
  • Mohan Embar (Loebner Prize Winner, 2012), Mohan Embar, Inc., Your Chatbot: Moon Shot or Low-Hanging Fruit?
  • Karsten Fluegge, Pannous, Mobile Apps and Web Services
  • Dave Morton, Geek Cave Creations, Building Chatbots and Apps in a Web-Based World
  • Noah Petherbridge, DreamHost, Chatbots in Web Applications with RiveScript
  • Jeremy Spiegel, MD, Casco Bay Medical, Chatbots in Psychiatry
  • Francis X. Taney, Esq, Stevens & Lee, Legal and IP issues for Botmasters
  • Richard Wallace (Loebner Prize Winner 2000, 2001 and 2004), ALICE AI Foundation, AIML 2.0

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